Buenos. Argentina's Cryptocurrency

Less than half of Argentina's people are banked. The Buenos ecosystem is the solution. Welcome to the economic revolution.

We are trusted

Our industry partners have a long-standing track record of excellence in the finance and cryptocurrency space. Together we are working towards a better financial future for Argentina.

The Buenos mobile wallet offers seemless functionality

The Buenos blockchain ecosystem is paving the way for a better finacial future in Argentina.

Buenos is a bespoke local cryptocurrency and software suite for the people of Argentina. The Buenos core developement team are committed to producing cutting edge blockchain technology, for the betterment of Argentina's economy and people.

On the Buenos platform, you can store funds securely and transact virtually instantly, with low fees. Buenos' global network of decentralized nodes guarantees secrurity with no single point of failure.

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A local cryptocurrency, issued through a local exchange that you can trust.

SouthXchange is the leading Cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina. As custodians of Buenos, they are committed to continuing the trusted relationship with their local users in Argentina.

SouthXchange's user-friendly interface is weakening the barrier for entry to cryptocurrency in Argentina. Their intuitive interface gives you complete control.

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Your local cryptocurrency exchange

SouthXchange is Argentina's leading cryptocurrency exchange. Issuance through local custodians of cryptocurrency provides an added layer of trust and assurance. SouthXchange have established strong trust with Argentinians, by providing a long-standing history of trading in Argentina.

Our Core Values

The Buenos team strives for the betterment of Argentina's economic future. By giving the people of Argentina absolute power over their funds, we are liberating them from the restrictions of their current financial system.

Constant Development

Absolute commitment to fulfilling the financial needs of Argentinians, with continuous development and integration.

Stable Currency Backed by Bitcoin

10% of all mined Buenos is backed against the coin in bitcoin, to stabilize the price and promote growth.

Further Stability With APoW

Controlled emission through adaptive-proof-of-work mining further stabalises the price of Buenos.

A Trusted Local Exchange

A local team with the interests of Argentina at heart, and a proven track record of honesty and integrity.

Complete Transparency

A humanly-readable public ledger of all transations with no barrier for viewing.

Decentralised Secure Transactions

A decentralised global payment network that is self governing, with no single point of failure.

Our Development Roadmap

The Buenos core team will do whatever it takes to secure Argentina's economic future.

Platform Development Starts

June 2018 to July 2018

Create Benos blockchain and coin. Implement Buenos multi-platform software wallet. Create Buenos network facilitating secure transactions and stores of the Buenos coin. Rollout Buenos full node application, enabling the Buenos community to join the network. Launch huge bounty program for community involvement and gain enormous reach in the cryptocurrency space.

Launch Buenos on Local Argentinian Exchange

Aug 2018 to November 2018

Facilitate the trading of Buenos for other leading crytocurrencies. Establish issuance of Buenos through SouthXchange, Argentina's leading cryptocurrency exchange. Back Buenos with 50% of the cryptocurrency raised through issuance, hence establishing Buenos as Argentina's stable cryptocurrency.

Buenos Mobile Beta

December 2019 to March 2019

Launch Buenos Mobile beta to community participants. Enable Buenos Mobile across all smart phone platforms. Facilitate seemless mobile transactions and storage of Buenos. Launch second bounty campaign to community developers and testers.

Buenos Mobile Stable Launch and Tap-Pay

April 2019 to July 2019

Enable Tap-Pay between mobile and tablet devices for Buenos. Facilitate a means for comsumers and businesses to pay face-to-face with a cross-platform mobile and tablet app in Buenos. List on international exchanges, expand team and infrastructure.

Buenos Mobile

Buenos mobile gives you complete power over your finances. You can store and transact Buenos freely, securely and virtually instantly, all in one place.

User-friendly With Complete Functionality

Buenos Mobile is an all-in-one application for managing your funds. Its intuitive design provides effortless control of transactions and fund storage.

Ultimate Speed and Low Fees

Buenos is powered by a bespoke blockchain, carefully designed to maximise transaction speed, while retaining low fees.

Absolute Security and Transparency

The Buenos ecosystem's focus on security and transparency ensures that your funds stay out of the hands of hackers or a malicious government. Only you control your funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your answer here, the friendly support team will happily answer any of your questions on their Discord channel.

What are the objectives of Buenos?

Buenos is a bespoke cryptocurrency and blockchain, designed for the sole purpose of benefiting the Argentinian people. It does this by improving their economy with an ecosystem of technologies which grant Argentinians completely autonomy over their funds.

What is the High Reward Mining Phase?

The High Reward Mining Phase is a short period of APoW mining, in which the cryptocurrency community can mine Buenos before it is launched on local Argentinian exchange SouthXchange. It is an opporunity for the early community to earn high rewards for mining Buenos on their computers.

What is APoW Mining?

APoW is a special version of Proof of Work mining, in which the blockchain adapts very quickly to varying levels of network hash rate. It is used in Buenos to further stabalise the price, issuance and growth of Buenos by deterring large miners from attacking the network periodically.

Is Buenos backed by Bitcoin?

Yes. 10% of all Buenos mined over time, and 5% of the total volume is backed by bitcoin against Buenos in bid orders, to stabalise its price and promote growth.

What is the Stability Fund?

10% of mined Buenos is stored in a special fund used to support the price of Buenos. This fund scales with the emission of coins in the Buenos ecosystem, through APoW mining.

Buenos Listed on SouthXchange on

27th May 2018

Argentina's Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Buenos Coin Distribution

Buenos has NO ICO and has instead reserved a premine which will be used to back the Buenos coin against bitcoin, while providing key infrastructure for continuous development.

Coin Allocation

Coin Specification

1 Minute Block Time for Maximum Transactions Per Second
500 000 000 Total Coin Volume
HMQ1725 Algoritm Defends The Blockchain Against ASICs
100 Confirmations Provides Robust Security & 100 Minute Block Maturity

Cryptocurrency Dream Team

The Buenos core team is the perfect blend of trusted Argentinian ambassadors and the globe's leading cryptocurrency development team, Online Blockchain.

Clem Chambers

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Hodges


Jon Mullins

Chief Technical Officer

Matthew Collom

Head of Marketing

Oscar Chambers


Barney Chambers


Sunil Karnik



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